APS Microinverter technology featured at Dargaville, NZ, solar show

APS partner MPower exhibited the APS YC500 and YC1000 microinverters at the popular Dargaville, New Zealand, solar show in late February.

Designed for residential applications, the YC500 handles two PV modules independently, while the 3-phase, 4-module YC1000 is specially designed and built for commercial applications.

The Dargaville event showcased APS Microinverters as mature solar technology, with the line seeing widespread adoption and application in the global marketplace.

MPower is a valuable partner for APS, and a leading provider of innovative and dependable power solutions in Australia, New Zealand, and across the South Pacific. With a company history dating back 100 years, MPower offers a comprehensive range of power solutions and products.

APS Microinverter products are second to none in functionality, efficiency and durability. Through partnerships with leading solar providers like MPower, APS is simplifying and lowering the cost of PV system ownership for both residential and commercial customers worldwide.