APsystems 2019 New Year Promotion for Australia & New Zealand Solar Installers

Dear Valued Installer,

APsystems is excited to announce that the 2019 New Year Promotion program for Australia & New Zealand is here! This outstanding program leaves you with no excuses not to try the most advanced microinverter in the world: the APsystems YC600.

For every 6 YC600 microinverters that you purchase from APsystems you will receive 1 FREE ECU-R .

That’s right: Every 6 pcs APsystems YC600 microinverters you purchase from APsystems or its distributor, will earn you a free ECU-R. The free devices will be sent to you with your order.

The ECU-R collects module performance data from each microinverter unit and transfers this information to an online database in real time, requiring only an Internet connection (via wired CAT5 or Wi-Fi) and power cable. Through the APsystems Energy Monitoring and Analysis (EMA) cloud-based service, the ECU-R gives the homeowner precise analysis of each microinverter and module in their solar installation. The ECU-R is small and compact, for better aesthetics and installation flexibility.

ECU-R features include:

  • Modual level monitoring
  • Enables web-based monitoring and control
  • Flexible networking with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or mobile

There’s never been a better time to bring APsystems microinverters to your customers.  Place your order today for prompt fulfillment!

See the full Terms and Conditions here.

For complete promotion program details email frank.fan@altenergy-power.com.